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Ragosta Hotels Collection is the brand of Hotels division of Ragosta Group, a network of companies operating in four markets: steel, real estate, hospitality and food industry. The organizational structure is based on four independent divisions, each of which oversees the market.

It’s the division that operates in the steel market position of leadership in the Center-South to produce steel for construction. Many establishments produce iron rebar, welded pipes and plates.
It’s the division that operates in the property market with assets deployed on the entire nation that reaches 700 million euros. The intended use of the buildings are different, as are the solutions offered to customers.
It’s the division that operates in hospitality with 5 star hotel located in area of high landscape value and cultural: Raito Hotel and Paradiso Relais on the Amalfi Coast, La Plage Resort in Taormina on the beach of Isola Bella and Palazzo Montemartini in Rome. A unique experience of living, characterized by a modern and fulfilling lifestyle. All Ragosta Hotels Collection hotels are based on the Define Your Lifestyle philosophy, to tailor every stay on each guest needs.
It’s the division that operates in the food market with historic and prestigious brands of Italian culinary tradition: Lazzaroni, Amaretti di Saronno, Antica Pasteria and Biorigin. Their products - baked biscuits, fresh pasta and stuffed pasta - are a point of reference for those seeking the best in eating.
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