ExPure SPA

The exclusive environment of ExPure SPA at Raito Hotel, La Plage Resort and, soon, at Palazzo Montemartini is perfect to soak in an atmosphere of fresh scents and soothing melodic sounds that give immediate psychological and physical wellbeing to get away from the frantic pace of everyday life.

All exclusive
ExPure SPA have heated indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi, turkish bath, emotional showers, relax area with tea corner and rooms for massages and treatments. In addition, our wellness professionals have developed a series of regenerating areas, combining the benefits of water and the heat baths, such as exclusive Hot Stone massage, Thai Hands massage and Californian massage.

At Paradiso Relais, however, you can enjoy the services ExPure SPA straight in the room.

ExPure SPA uses Decléor products.

Founded over 20 years ago by a team af aromatherapy experts, Decléor has acquired remarkable knowledge of the plant realm by applying modern research techniques to essential oils to create a new Art of Beauty. Generally percieved as empirical and poetic knowledge, aromatherapy has proved itself a science that uses the most active extracts of aromatic plants, essential oils, for skin care. Filled with active agents, essential oils are made up of hundreds of molecules that act in synergy. These very powerful concentrates require a specialist’s know-how in order to guarantee permanent quality control, ranging from the chioce of the botanical species to ensuring the absolute purity of the essential oil, with all its molocules preserved. Their cutaneous and olfactory beneficial effects are precisely analysed and catalogued in our research laboratories. At this point, the Decléor resarchers’ unique know-how comes into play: the art of measuring out and combining several essential oils so as to abtain the desired activity. This is how exceptional made-to-measure products with unrivalled performance came into being: Aromaessence Decléor, concentrates that are 100% pure, 100% natural, 100% active and preservative-free. Each of these beauty oils, that penetrates right to the heart of the skin. Acts as a booster whenever it is used with a phyto-cosmetic treatment, cream or gel containing plant extracts, with a corresponding prescription: this is the Aroma-Duo Decléor concept. Decléor also stands out by its holistic approach to beauty, perfectly demonstrated in the exclusive beauty treatments available at SPAs. This is the art and style of staying by the side of our costumer for whom beauty is synonymous with balance and well being. Decléor, a world-renowned French cosmetics brand recognised as the aroma-skincare specialist, is partnered by the Shiseido Group, the world’s 4th largest beauty group. This alliance allows exchanges in and massive support for fundamental research, the key to every innovative cosmetic formula. This union consolidates its leading position and confirms a joint determination to increase Decléor’s presence and visibility as part of a worldwide beauty-counselling distribution service.
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