Francesco Imparato
Bar Manager

Francesco Russo
Executive Chef

What is cuisine? Isn’t it the conviviality art?

It is from this verb cum-to divide (to put in common) that my philosophy comes from, an attempt to provoke emotions in myself and in my guests, emotions felt in different ways.

I love to surprise my guest and myself at the same time, revealing and telling my style by capturing not just the taste but all the five senses thru unique preparations.
I like to think about the kitchen as an orchestra, where everyone performs according to their own score, and where no one is allowed to go off key. At the same time I imagine the kitchen as a monastery, where there are rules and orders, tedious work and the fidelity to the calling yet where creativity and challenge of conventional thinking are not excluded.

When I think about a new dish, I always start from its components, the raw ingredients; which must always be the best available on the market, both for authenticity and freshness.

Everything must be excellent… Nothing is left to chance, like the combinations or even basic ingredients like different type of salts, pepper, olive oils, vinegars and spices.

I have chosen this profession for three reasons,

First because I love the manual aspect of my job

Second because in me lives a dose of alchemy

and third because I believe in the words of Ludwig Feuerbach who said “the man is what he eats”.

Vincenzo Di Donato 
Banqueting Manager

Aleksandra Jelisavcic
Define Your Lifestyle Specialist

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