Potato mousse seasoned with seaweed served with mazara crawfish tatar garnished with chives and Asetra   
  • peeled potatoes kg.0100
  • puff pastry dough Kg.0100
  • seaweed Gr.30
  • scalions Gr.20
  • fresh crawfish Kg.0500
  • seed oil Dl.5
  • parsley Gr.20
  • chives Gr.20
  • Tomato keatchup Gr.10
  • Worcester-shire N°1 cuch.no
  • pickles Gr.10
  • capers Gr.10
  • extra virgin olive oil Cl.2
  • lemon juice N°1
  • Asetra caviar Gr.20
Cooking Procedure
Cook the potatoes in boiling water mash and let cool carefully rinse under cold water and finely chop the seaweed prepare cream puff dough and add the potatoes with seaweed form doughnut shapes and deep fry dice the crawfish and add the remaing ingredients fill the doughnut holes with crawfish tartar place a teaspoon of caviar season with oil and lemon.


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