Saw fish parmesan tempura served with tomato, caper and black olive dressing


  • aubergines kg.0300
  • flour kg.0150
  • seed oil dl.5
  • yeast Gr.10
  • white wine ML.100
  • egg whites N°1
  • tomato sauce Gr.200
  • mozzarella Gr.100
  • parmesan cheese Gr.50
  • saw fish Gr. 100
  • capers Gr.10
  • "pachino" tomatoes Gr.100
  • olive oil Cl.10
  • basil Gr.10
  • salt pinch
  • garlic cloves N°2
Cooking Procedure
Slice the aubergines and place with salt for 1 hour. Rinse and place on paper towels to dry. Lightly flour and fry. Let cool. Proceed in the classic preparation of a parmesan adding the saw fish previously chopped and sauteed When adding the mozzarella add the saw fish Place in a heated oven at 140° for 30 minutes repare the tempura Spoon the parmesan and form quenelle shapes Dip in the tempura and deep fry in boiling oil (180°) Place in a serving dish add the dressing made with capers, black olives and basil.


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