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In 1806, Ferdinando I donated "Isola Bella" to Taormina's City Hall. Subsequently it was bought by numerous private residents and finally was purchased by Miss Travelyn, who constructed her private home and planted numerous exotic plants that can be still admired today. Isola Bella was then inherited by her husband, Professor Salvatore Cacciola, mayor of Taormina for 20 years, who then left "Isola Bella" to his only nephew, Cesare Acrosso.

After a series of transactions and testamentary legacies, The Bosuri brothers were able to valorise the surroundings without disfiguring the landscape. The island became a meeting point for theatrical artists, businessmen and ship owners.

Today "Isola Bella" belongs to the Sicilian Region.
Renamed "the pearl of the Jonio", it is reachable by land by a narrow strip of sand, which is continuously remodelled by the tides and currents.

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