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La Plage Resort is on the beach of Isola Bella, one of the most enchanting bay of whole Sicily. A natural reserve, a mystic place, surrended by a lot of places of cultural ant natural interest.


Taormina, the ancient Taurominum, is a place of endless beauty, the land of total relax. It is located in a high level on the sea, offering a wonderful sight between the deep blue of the sea and the sky, the mountains and the unmistakable shape of the volcano Etna. In Taormina you can visit the world most beautiful ancient theatre, the Teatro Greco-Romano, one ofe the most suggestive monument of ancient times. Continue your tour visiting the public gardens, where you can find a massive range of native and exotic plants. After that you can go to Castelmola to taste the typical "almond wine" in a bar of the principal square. You can reach Taormina by feet, going up a flight of steps, or using the near funicular.

Isola Bella beach

A real dream beach made of light blue water, one of a kind wildlife, white sand and not much greenery: Isola Bella beach is an oasis of beauty just in front of the resort.

Mazzarò beach

A cove of extraordinary beauty near Isola Bella beach.

Spisone beach

A little stretch of beach with fine sand and crystalline water that hosts some of the most loved lidos of Taormina.

Letojanni beach

One of the most popular beaches on the oriental coast of Sicily, made of big sand, small pebbles, lidos and public beaches.

Mazzeo beach

This beach is larger than Letojanni one and its sand is finer too. You can find lidos and public beaches.

Giardini Naxos beach

A long beach where everyone can find a place for his personal needs.

Recanati beach

A large sandy beach for families and babies. You can find lidos and public beaches.

Capo D’Orlando beach

A 8 km beach on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Marinello di Tindari (ME) beach and lakes

It's a over 2 km white and fine sand beach defined by some sea small lakes.

Pollara of Salina (ME) beach

A tophus cliff shaped by the wind, a beach with lava stones and a limpid sea.

St. Alessio beach

It's a beautiful public beach with white and fine sand and an ancient castle on a stack.

Cala Mosche beach

Cala Mosche, aka “Funni Musca”, is a small sandy beach between two rock faces, surrounded by dunes and mediterranean greenery.

Oasis of Vendicari

The Oasis of Vendicari is one of the most wild of Sicily, made of fine sand and hidden behind the ruins of ancient tuna nets. It's placed between rare plants, populated by a thousand of migratory birds, and a limpid sea.

Isola delle Correnti

Located in the deep south of Sicily between Mediterranean and Ionian seas, the place takes its name from a little island previously linked with the beach.

La Marza

At La Marza you can find the sandly Santa Maria of Focallo beach, the rocks of Cirica and the bay of Porto Ulisse.

Pisciotto beach

Pisciotto is a 2 km wide beach of gold sand near a little Mediterranean scrub forest. At the end of the beach there're ruins of an ancient furnace.

Visit to Giardini Naxos

It's the most ancient Greek city in Sicily, previously bigger than Taormina.

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Visit to Castelmola

A nice small village overhanging a breathtaking valley, Castelmola is famous for its medieval castle and for its pastry making.

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Visit to Gole of Alcantara

The Gole of Alcantara were made by an enormous amount of lava from volcano Etna that created pentagonal and hexagonal shapes once cooled. Inside the park there's a botanic reserve.
The excursion to the Gole of Alcantara counts a visit to Francavilla di Sicilia too.

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Visit to Francavilla di Sicilia

In Francavilla di Sicilia visit its ancient friary.
The visit to Francavilla di Sicilia is part of the excursion to the Gole of Alacantara.

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Visit to Savoca

Savoca is one of the most interesting places near Taormina: you can visit the ruins of St. Jhon church and the Pentefur arabian castle on top of a panoramic hillock.
The excursion to Savoca counts a visit to Forza d'Agrò too.

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Visit to Forza d'Agrò, city of "The Godfather"

In Forza d'Agrò you can admire an ancient castle at 420 mt sea-level and some location of the Sofia Coppola'a movie "The Godfather III".
The visit to Forza d'Agrò is part of the excursion to Savoca.

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Visit to Isole Eolie

Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Alicudi and Filicudi... located in a wonderful volcanic archipelago where you can find the active volcanos Stromboli and Vulcano.

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Visit to Catania

Catania is the second city in Sicily for amount of people and it's located between Ionian Sea and volcano Etna, which lavic stones ware used to build most of the city buildings. The surrounding land is farmed with citrus fruits.

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Visit to volcano Etna

The volcano Etna is the European biggest natural wonder, a legendary and holy mountain, a real living being.

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Visit to Siracusa

Siracusa is one of the most important archeological sites in the world and it's the most visited city of Sicily. Its oldest district is an island, Ortigia.

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Visit to Noto

Noto is the "baroque pearl" of Sicily and it's a Unesco Humane Heritage site. You can see some Roman mosaics in the Villa of Tellaro and than you can visit the naturalistic oasis of Vendicari and the archeological site of ancient Noto.

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Visit to Piazza Armerina

Piazza Armerina is located on a 700 mt sea-level plateau, you can visit a baroque cathedral, a fortress, the Spinelli castle and the wonderful mosaics in the Villa Romana.

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Visit to Caltagirone

Previously a Saracenic fortress, the city of Caltagirone was rebuilt in 1693 after an earthquake, and now it is tipically baroque. Caltagirone is famous for the ceramic and hosts the Regional Museum of Ceramic, where you can find Renaissance ceramic, Sicilian majolica, baroque ceramic, amphoras and stoups.

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Visit to Ragusa, land of the police chief Montalbano

In Ragusa you can visit all the locations of the Camilleri's books of chief Montalbano, a famous italian tv series too: Punta Secca, Donnalucata and Ragusa Ibla, where you can find the Cathedral of St. George.

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Visit to Palermo

Palermo is an ancient royal capital city baroque style. You can visit the Byzantine Cappella Palatina, some monasteries and castles, art galleries and an archeological museum.

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Visit to Erice

Erice is a hill village once populated by Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans. Today you can still find Punic walls and medieval streets.

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Visit to Segesta

In Segesta you can enjoy a visit to the most ancient Greek Doric temple, located on a hill in a suggestive position.

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Visit to Agrigento

The Valle dei Templi is the most famous archeological site in Sicily, surrounded by olive and almond trees.

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