“Fusion” comes from the flavour and richness of the Sicilian landscape perfectly blended with culinary techniques of Asia. The culinary development of Fusion begin in the Sicilian landscape following the Mediterranean changes of the seasons, cooking as cooks have been doing for thousands of years…From the “Sofisti” weddings of the of the Magna Graecia slowly embracing the modernity.

The cuisine feeling and sensibility is focused on flavour, elegance, simplicity and balance, an introduction of “Zen Flavour Balancing”, delicately balancing the flavours on the palate as one complete taste. The cuisine is both timeless and cutting edge, bringing a new style of deluxe casual street food in a healthier manner.

Fusion’s cuisine will be well thought-out while maintaining passion and artistic creation.  Using proper technique coupled with both classic and modern flavour combinations to ensure that dishes are balanced and explosive.  We believe that the process is the final product.  By paying attention to the evolution of each individual recipe component throughout the cooking process we will be able to develop an unparalleled end product.

A striking modern atmosphere. Sleek and chic with Asian accent and subtle local touches

and an exemplary service experience, demonstrating true elegance and sense of taste are making “Fusion” a dining destination where guests feel the balance of relaxed sophistication overlooking Isola Bella.

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