Tauromenium was founded in the year 358 a. C. Its location, situated on Mont Tauro, and dominated by a breathtaking panorama that includes the mountain range of Etna, the sea coast that reaches Catania, the blue of the sea and sky.
The first settlers, Greek colonies from the island of Naxos, arrived in the seventh century a.C. and colonized the first ancient Greek colony in Sicily.

After, the Roman Emperor Cesare Ottaviano established a Roman Colony, populating Taormina with numerous families, attracted by its natural beauty, ideal climate and vast commercial exchange. Taormina was invaded by numerous and destructive battles. With the arrival of the Arabs during the Middle Ages a system of land draining and irrigation was introduced. This system is highly recognized in modern engineering and still in use today.

Conquered by the Normans, Taormina was inhabited during the Aragonese Period by influential feudal families whom erected splendid mansions. Taormina reached its glory during the 18th century. The city became home to aristocrats, artists, intellectuals, rich North European merchants, writers, poets, musicians, actors, princesses and diplomats who praised its beauty in all of Europe.

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