Find out who put his everyday passion to give new life to Palazzo Montemartini and follow the works!

Jeremy Kingwas born in London March 26, 1959. He studied at the Polytechnic of Central London (1977-1980) and the Architectural Association (1985-1990) where she graduated. During his studies he worked in Milan (Alessandro Mendini and Alchemy), and after graduating he worked in London (Fitch & Co.), Berlin (Feddersen & von Herder) and Rome (by Massimiliano Fuksas), where he met Richard Roselli.

Riccardo Roselli was born in Rome January 15, 1963. He studied and graduated at the University "La Sapienza" (1984-1990) and he worked for Manfredo Nicoletti and Massimialiano Fuksas, before starting his own business in 1991 and associate with Jeremy King in 1997.

King Roselli Architetti, founded in 1997, is an architectural firm whose work ranges from design and construction of buildings in the field of industrial design. The constant theme is the search for high quality design at all scales through the study of the close relationship between materials and new technologies mediating between craftsmanship and industrial production. The study has got wide experience in hotel design, both interior and exterior and public spaces connected.

Project group for Palazzo Montemartini:

Katia Scarioni (architectural designer/furniture)
Arianna Nobile (
architectural designer/furniture)
Fabrizio Bonatti (
architectural designer, quality control manager)
Valeria Alfonsi (designer)

Daniele Del Prete (designer)

Pierluigi Gallina (designer)

Andrea Imbrenda (property consultant)
Proges Engineering (
property consultant)

Rinaldo Repossi (IT consultant)

Hinfos (IT consultant)

Gennaro Ottaviano was born in Naples on 21 February 1960, where he studied and graduated in 1987 from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Naples "Federico II" with 110 votes and praise. He began working professionally on restoration projects of historic centers of some of the cities affected by the Irpinia earthquake of 1980. In the early years he specialized in the Centre for Technology Studies and the Restoration and continued to mature design experience and achievements in both the public and private sectors. In 2001 he founded with three colleagues Neapolitan society Areatre Ltd, Engineering Architecture and Services, covering the different specialist skills relating to the construction field. Since 2005, develops the industry specializing in the design of tourist facilities "Ottaviano Architetture".

Ottaviano Architetture, founded in 1988, operates an engineering and project management in the private construction sector, with particular expertise in the tourism and hospitality. He specializes in restoration, conservation, industrial design, bioclimatic and energy savings.

Working group for Palazzo Montemartini:
Gennaro Ottaviano (architect, project manager, works manager)
Marco Quaranta (engineer, safety coordinator, D.L. assistant)
Dario Macchi (
architect, D.L. assistant, architectural surveys)
Paola Di Pietrantonio (architect, D.L. assistant, architectural surveys)
Vincenzo Calvanese (
engineer, structures and consolidations )
Gennaro Albano (
engineer, structures and consolidations)
Giuseppe di Maio (
engineer, electrical and special systems)
Gennaro De Lucia (
plumbing and mechanical systems)
Giuseppe Canfora (
plumbing and mechanical systems)
Vincenzo Santagati (
engineer, firefighting systems)
Federica Fabbri (
FAPA Costruzioni Generali (
construction and restoration works)
Vincenzo Fasolino (yard manager)
IMES Impianti (electrical, plumbing, heating and special systems)

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