1881 - Richiesta autorizzazione per edificare
1911 - Progetto palazzo
1911 - Approvazione ampliamento
1918 - Pianta palazzo
1925 - Licenza per ampliamento
1925 - Prospetto Via Volturno
1925 - Prospetto Largo Montemartini
1925 - Pianta livello superiore


Through a research study conducted by Ottaviano Architetture at the Capitol Historical Archive documents and graphics that have emerged have led to the historical reconstruction of the original type of the Volturno Office Building, home of executive offices of the municipal transport company ATAC.

In 1881, the Society of Roman Tramways requested permission to build a waiting room and a garage on the land of municipal property already granted for rent.
Later, in 1911, the Building Commission approved the extension of the building already built into Volturno Street for the construction of premises for the headquarters of the Directorate of Tramways Company.
In July 1918 the Company of Municipal Tramways calls for the expansion of the electrical substation to be built on the site of municipal property situated close to the one on which was already held a first substation previously addressed to the Company itself.

In November 1925 is licensed to the "Municipal Tramway Company" for the extension and the construction of new buildings for the company in Volturno Street.

In January 1926 the project was approved by the Lazio Superintendency of Monuments, which reads: "Without prejudice to any action required by law in the event that, during the foundation works are to come to light monumental remains.". The building is made substantially equal to that of the project in 1925, albeit with minor changes to the prospectus on Volturno street.

In the years following implementation, while maintaining the overall architectural and typological characters of the period to which it relates, the building has undergone transformations and extensions that were granted under the agreement in a sanatorium.

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