» » Braised red shrimp tails, wrapped in a slice of lard of Arnad, served on a bed of white bean seasoned with thyme puree and glazed with shell fish gravy
» » Mediterranean Sushi
» » "Paccheri" Pasta Filled with Potatoes Served with Clam Sauce Garnished with Shredded Fried Leeks
» » Large Open Ravioli with Prawns, Artichokes from Paestum Seasoned with Marjoram
» » Banner Fish Ravioli with Seafood and Season Vegetables
» » Quarnaroin Prawns Deep Fryed in Hazelnuts from the Avellino Region, Served with Warm Ricotta Seasoned with Marjoram with Noodles
» » Deep Fried Seafood with Vegetables Served with a Bitter Sweet Sauce
» » Laticauda Lamp Chop Fried in a Crunchy Pine Seed Shell, Served on a Bed of Mashed Potatoes and Topped with a Balsamic Vinegar and Honey Gravy
» » Filet of Pezzogna and Red ShrimpWrapped in Aubergine Served on a Bed of Vegetable Cous Cous and Puree of Green Tomatoes
» » Double Chocolate Mousse Served with Pistachio Cream and Topped with Red Sicilian Orange Caramel
» » Rubik's Cube

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