Costiera Amalfitana
Vietri sul Mare


"It is believed that the Marina from Reggio to Gaeta is the most beautiful part of Italy. Here the coast way up above sea level, and close to Salerno, has a coastline ( which the inhabitants call the Coast of Amalfi ), full of little towns, gardens and fountains and the residence of wealthy men … ".

The Amalfi Coast already described in its glory and magnificence by the great Tuscan writer Giovanni Boccaccio, father of modern narrative writing; a glory and magnificence that were to accompany Amalfi over the centuries up to the present time, in which, with the maturity of her past, she nestles with her green landscapes, her succulent lemons, her juniper-covered rocks, her beautiful sprawling villas and her perfumes, overlooking a sea of emerald green. The wealth of art and the architectural characteristics, make it one of most celebrated places on earth. Wild, daring and romantic, the Amalfi Coast is an obligatory stop in any journey to Italy.
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